Kann PropTech hexpressions.org den Hausbau revolutionieren?

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Bevor der CEO von hexpressions.org, Abhimanyu Singh, nach dem E-nnovation Day zurück nach Indien reiste, habe ich mich mit ihm über sein PropTech Unternehmen und die Chancen seiner Häuser unterhalten.

Your concept is ideal for countries with huge land assets. How do you implement your houses i.eg. in Switzerland where land is very expensive ?

Our primary concept is to provide a shelter to the people who can not afford it but it is not the only offering we have. For places like Switzerland we are looking to target outhouses and farm houses which can be built super fast and sustainably using our composite honeycomb panels. Also we provide very effective modular system for partition walls, sliding walls, furniture and many more. Our construction technique will be very effective in areas like Switzerland as for hilly areas constructing a home with traditional material is very difficult due to difficulty in transporting the material and labour. Here we come into picture and provide pre fabricated panels which are pre designed and our team will come and assemble it in no time. We are confident that Europe will be very exciting market for us and we look forward to expand soon.

Do you have a strategy going international or do you concentrate on India a country which offers already great opportunities ?

Yes, we do have plans to expand internationally very soon. Our product is truly global and we have tested its potential and feasibilities in extreme weather conditions. These tests have given confidence to test our technique worldwide. Legally we are looking to get all certifications for this building material and overall technique, this would be the real challenge for us, but we are committed to sail through it. Indian projects will be the benchmarks for us when going global. Also we are looking to collaborate with various local stakeholders while expanding internationally to understand market needs and its potential.

You and your team won the PropTech Award. Why did you participate at the E-Innovation Day ? What do you expect from such an event ?

Winning the PropTech Award at the event is very special to us as our team travelled all the way from India to participate in it but in the end it all make sense now. We received an invite from skipsolabs to participate in the program. We found it really interesting being in the category of property tech. We thought it would be a great platform to showcase our project and network with potential stakeholders in Europe. As startups, we are keen on exploring and harnessing new opportunities. The E-nnovation PropTech award is an important milestone in our startup journey. At this early stage of our startup, right mix of mentorship, funding and networking will help us achieve our project milestones in future. Joining this event has given us a new platform to showcase our product to various stake holders and users. It was a unique opportunity for us to get an insight into operations of fellow European startups and exchange ideas. 

The houses you presented at the E-Innovation Day have only one floor. As land is expensive are you able to construct houses with several floors ?

Yes, The home presented in the jury is a one story unit. It is our Minimum Viable Product which is the basic offering we have for our users. However, we have tested ground plus 2 floors already. As the lands are brutally expensive cost of construction is high and further inflating in most parts the world, we envision a path-breaker in the multi-storey construction market with a unique offering. In case of multi-storey projects we are changing the entire wall system with our construction technique. It is the skin of the building which eats most of the construction project’s timeline and we want to change this scenario using our product service system.

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