PropTech – für die Immobilienbranche gibt es nicht Business as Usual

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Blackstone, einer der weltweit grössten Immobilieneigentümer mit $115 Milliarden unter Management, engagiert sich aktiv im PropTech Umfeld. Dies bedeutet nichts anderes, als dass Technologie und Innovation die traditionelle Immobilienbranche umpflügen werden.

Kürzlich organisierte Blackstone zusammen mit dem MetaProp Accelerator einen Tag an der Columbia University, an dem PropTech Firmen präsentierten. Hier eine Auswahl:

Doorport has a product known as Arrive. It aims to replace the intercom system with less cost and turns smartphones into building keys. Arrive brings security and convenience to building entry.

LocateAI provides a solution to stakeholders in retail real estate in the Amazon age. The firm provides a data-driven decision on where to open a retail store. Its machine learning algorithm learns what drives specific store success in order to forecast revenue of potential store Locations.

Irene offers seniors the ownership right to live in or rent their own homes after selling their equity. It is a simpler and less restrictive alternative to reverse mortgage.

Travtus is using machine learning to automate property operation. The software acts like a digital property manager and aims to increase operational Efficiency.

Hoozip is a software platform for single-family wholesalers and investors. It aims to help users find, evaluate, and close deals faster.

OnSiteIQ is a visual construction documentation platform that helps monitor building progress and inspects construction sites. It is created to prevent injuries, casualties, and add transparency to the construction process.

WeSmartPark is an Airbnb for parking spaces. Based in Barcelona, the startup is expanding to New York. It’s mobile app helps users find empty parking spaces at a cheaper cost.


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